Veggie VIP: Bamboo Garden

Though it’s super easy to be plant-based in your own home, going out to eat can be less so. I mean, this is the country where the KFC double down is a thing.

Some plant-based folks just eschew going out to eat altogether, and certainly that’s the most economical route and the best way to control what you put in your body.

But to me, a community’s cuisine is reflective of its culture. My favorite part about traveling, or even enjoying a new home (I move a lot), is digging into the local cuisine. It’s a great way to bond with friends, try new things and yes, get out of your own kitchen for a bit.

Luckily my new home, Seattle, is quite vegan-friendly, whether a restaurant is exclusively vegetarian or just offers good options. And all my requests to veganize something (hold the cheese/egg) have been honored. I still don’t think enough places offer awesome veggie options other than a garden salad where you have to ask to leave off the cheese, but there are still some great joints out there that deserve recognition.

Today: Bamboo Garden in Lower Queen Anne

bamboo1During my veggie transition, I fretted about the possibility of abandoning Chinese food. I mean, when you leave out egg drop soup, pork fried rice, sweet and sour prawns and almond chicken, what’s left, am I right?

But this awesome place in the neighborhood where I’m currently staying is completely vegan, except for egg in the fortune cookies. So as long as I don’t bite into the cookie, I have nothing to worry about.

If you look at their website, you’ll see the menu features “chicken” this and “beef” that, but what they do is imitate the real thing based on traditional practices dating back thousands of years. Though the appearance of the “meat” doesn’t come close to real meat, the flavors never leave me hanging. My reaction is more “wow, this tastes awesome” and not “I am eating a tofu ball right now and I’m gonna take it.”

I’m a “combination” girl at Chinese restaurants and so far at Bamboo Garden I’ve tried two different dinner combinations and a lunch combination. Their sweet and sour chicken truly rivals the real thing and they give you heaps of fried rice and chow mein.

Let me take you through my post-gym pickup, lunch combination A.

So yeah, I’m totally saving my leftovers for dinner. OMNOM.

This place is one of my Seattle favorites now and it’s priced about the same as any other Chinese restaurant. Eat here and take some non-veggie friends.

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