I really don’t get a big hankering for soup in the summer, but last week my soup switch turned on.

Heck, this week or next I’ll probably make chili. IT’S CHILI SEASON, YOU GUYS.

Anyway, I made two soups last week from the Happy Herbivore’s Happy Herbivore Abroad cookbook, which I highly recommend. The author, Lindsay Nixon, is awesome with cheap, accessible and easy recipes, which is what I’m all about.

Soup 1: Texas white chili

This recipe has a salsa verde and veggie broth base and the protein punch comes from the chickpeas. The hardest part is cutting the vegetables and prepping the toppings, so it’s not hard at all. I’d been craving this tomatillo flavor for weeks and, though Seattle’s last week of summer was still warm, I finally decided to make this comforting dish.

The best part is dressing it up when I ladle it into a bowl. I had chopped up scallions, cilantro and avocado and baked a couple of corn tortillas in the oven until crispy. Then I sprinkled it with chili flakes because chili flakes belong on almost everything. Finally, a squeeze of lime.

So filling and wonderful. Even better than I remembered when I made it before. I think I accidentally put in twice the salsa verde called for and it was a glorious accident.

Soup 2: Thai noodle soup

I find that Asian noodle soups like pho are far more comforting than the chicken noodle-type variety. Maybe because I like rice noodles better, maybe because I love dressing these dishes with a bunch of cilantro and basil.


This is another soup from Happy Herbivore Abroad. I added a decent amount of ginger powder to make it extra gingery. The soup is rounded out with basil, cilantro and scallions and has a tang aided by Asian sweet chili sauce. It’s another quick, easy dish, partially because vermicelli noodles cook so quickly.


Never too much lime

Never too much lime

It was delicious, but I wish it was more filling. Maybe in the future I’d make this as a side along with something else (pineapple rice? spring rolls?) or add tofu and/or edamame. I think I threw in leftover frozen edamame last time I made it. I remember it being more satisfying before.

Anyway, still good, but I have some tinkering to do with this one.

What are your favorite soups to make, yo?

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