Soup, resurrected

OK so I made another soup last night.

I turned to a trusted site I frequent, especially when I’m dirt poor/need to save money in a hurry. (Saving for a new apartment right now. Operation: Live Like a Dirtbag is underway.)

I went for Budget Bytes’ Tomato Herb Soup and it was super cheap to get the ingredients I didn’t have. Then I’d make grilled cheese to accompany it with some Trader Joe’s soy cheese I already had.

SO GOOD. No cream, amazing, rich texture, big on flavor. And if you wanna go super healthy, you can cook your aromatics in a thin layer of veggie broth instead of oil, a Happy Herbivore health hack I use all the time. It works, yo!

Also, if you don’t have these dried herbs laying around, buy them in bulk. I no longer buy pre-packaged herbs because it is such a better value to get the amount I want in bulk.

o hai flash

o hai flash

If my fresh basil were at my place instead of my boyfriend’s (my pantry/cookware is divided between three locations right now, long story), I would have torn some of that shit to top my soup. But it was still bomb.

Now, a note on fake cheese: What’s the best? The Trader Joe’s stuff I got seemed to work great in quesadillas, but it just seemed flavorless in my grilled cheese. Maybe because I didn’t add anything else to it?

Also, more words of wisdom from Budget Bytes on how to hit up the salad bar without going broke.

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