Seattle: Veggie oasis

I picked up the Seattle Weekly today for its cover story on Seattle’s vegetarian culture.

Sadly I’m a dirtbag and can’t relate to vegan fine dining and I took issue with the comment about how hard it is to get protein as a vegetarian (um, false), but the article deftly illustrates the veggie-friendliness of Seattle and makes me proud to live here.

Also, the mention of a couple Seattle-based veggie websites and Twitter accounts sent me down a wormhole of Seattle vegan blog after Seattle vegan blog (Vegan Score and Serenity in the Storm in particular). So good to find more locals! And tips on great places to hit up in my city. Next I just need to make friends with some vegans.

I’m a total food blog whore. Those that aren’t vegan I frequent because of their vegan-friendliness and adaptability to my preferences. Please check out my blogroll on the right for a stack of recipes, discussion and vegan resources that will help you out more than I ever could. I’m not an authority – just a voice and a friend to the vegi-curious. Because I’m the lone vegan in my life, these are the places I go to find support and information – and, mostly, food porn.

I mean, you guys. (Credit: Fire and Earth Kitchen)

I mean, you guys.
(Credit: Fire and Earth Kitchen)


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