Special guest! Lindsay Nixon and Happy Herbivore Light and Lean + new recipe


Lindsay Nixon and Happy Herbivore were truly my gateway into the plant-based world before I even knew I wanted in on the party.

It all started with a dinner of chickpea tacos and I was immediately impressed with how creative and delicious plant-based meals are. Following Happy Herbivore from then on educated me about this lifestyle and served as an inspiration until I finally gave in wholeheartedly.

As a daily visitor of the Happy Herbivore blog, an occasional meal plan customer and a frequent Happy Herbivore Abroad-inspired cook, I’m so honored to have Lindsay here on this page today to promote her new cookbook, Happy Herbivore Light and Lean, coming out Dec. 3. And I got to test out one of the new recipes! This book not only includes low-fat, low-calorie recipes, but includes workout tips to help us stay fit.

Those who know me know that I’m not a shill for just anything, but seriously. Follow Happy Herbivore and buy Lindsay’s books. Her recipes are consistently delicious, easy to fix and with not only veganism, but whole foods at heart.

I asked Lindsay to share a little bit about her new book and tips on going — and staying — plant-based. More

What I’m reading today

T. Colin Campbell is one of the badasses of the plant-based world. Today I came across a column he wrote dispelling the myth of humans’ need for animal-based protein.

Are you veg-curious and wonder how you’ll get the protein you need? Are you plant-based and tired of trying to defend your nutritional intake? Read this piece for some knowledge bombs you can drop on others and be assured that going plant-based is awesome.

Also from NPR, an article on the successes of the Meatless Monday campaign. This is how minds are changed.

Being in love with an omnivore


Can you guess which pot of chili is mine?

Chili hack: break up a can of refried beans in your hot chili for added thickness and body. This recipe also includes barbecue sauce and salsa. Two of my favorite condiments in a chili! Top it with Daiya cheese* and that’s fall.

Anyone else cook omnivorous dishes for loved ones** or do meat eaters in your household fend for themselves?

Also, I moved some Earth Balance into my boyfriend’s fridge and he called them organic sunflower tears. I think that’s what I might call my Earth Balance from now on.

*Tried Daiya for the first time this week. Pretty good!

**Loved One cooked his own chili this time, with some guidance. ‘Twas nice to not have to chop up onions and garlic for once!

I made the most delicious vegan cake EVAR

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Though I was big into baking as a kid, in my adult life I’m way more of a cook than a baker. I think I’m too impatient for it. If I have to use a rolling pin or yeast, forget it.

But a recent foray into baking paid off big time.

My mom’s birthday was last week and I went home to Olympia last weekend to celebrate with her. Because I’m strapped for cash right now, Mom told me not to buy her a present, but I insisted on at least baking a cake. (My selfish motivation: I wanted to be able to eat her birthday cake with her, not eat a birthday apple while the rest of my family got to eat treats.)

When I saw a recipe for a raspberry chocolate cake with chocolate ganache-y frosting, it just screamed MOM’S BIRTHDAY CAKE.


Make it work: freezer burritos

When you’re a busy person, like pretty much everyone in the universe these days, freezer meals or aids are clutch.

Back when I had my own freezer (and hopefully will have one again soon), I loved freezing leftovers, beans, homemade veggie broth AND AND AND (my favorite) single-serving portions of brown rice. (Can I get an amen from everyone who hates making rice?)

I got a hankering to recreate some freezer veggie burritos I made a couple months ago. I was inspired by these beautiful goods from Budget Bytes and just made my own creations. I made enough filling for 10 burritos to throw in the freezer and pull out for lunch at work or quick post-gym dinners for nights I didn’t feel like cooking. I’m pretty sure I even ate a couple of heated burritos in my lap while driving through downtown Seattle to a press conference for work (for safety purposes, that’s not recommended). Best part: it’s so cheap. (Note: scroll to bottom if you just want a recipe and not my story of near-failure.) More

Being vegan on soft foods, and other trials

Last weekend I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Though I should have been more worried about the fact that the whole operation was done while I was awake, I was a bit stressed about what to eat.

People said yogurt and ice cream. Those are dairy products, guys.

But they certainly have their alternatives, so eating soft foods post-op served as another learning opportunity for me.

Day 1

Bloody gauzes in my mouth, I went to a Safeway to shop for mushy foods while my prescriptions for narcotics and antibiotics were being filled.

Safeway appeared to only have one type of non-dairy yogurt: So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. Two bucks a pop. Yamma hamma.

Then I got some sort of dairy-free sorbet.

Because I usually shop at hippy-dippy stores, the lack of dairy-free variety at Safeway was kind of a bummer.

So Delicious wasn’t.

It’s aptly named. It was so delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice, thick texture and rich flavor. As someone who hadn’t tried dairy-free yogurt before, I thought So Delicious killed it. Can you guys cut your price in half now?

The rest of the night I ate applesauce and a couple spoonfuls of sorbet in between gauzing my bloody Dracula mouth. More

Oktoberfest for vegans

I do wish Oktoberfest wasn’t so … meaty.

My former omnivorous self loved a brat topped with spicy mustard and sauerkraut. I eyed the German potato salad at the Ballard Market food bar last week, saddened that it contained bacon, per tradition. I suddenly felt left out of the tradition (except for the beer part).

But this year, Munich is accommodating vegans! Always a good choice, I think – offering vegetarian and vegan options only broadens your customer base/audience.

After reading this NPR article, I now feel like hitting up Germany. That vegan Käsespätzle sounds bomb.

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