Isa did it

I am so full right now. And happily so.

For lunch today I nommed this recipe for red lentil Thai chili from the Post Punk Kitchen site and it was wonderful.

This is where I can be snobby and braggy about badass dishes I make, because I figure if you’re here, you’re reasonably interested, and I don’t have to be one of those people who Instagram every meal they eat and spam it all over the internet. (I still don’t know how to use Instagram.)

Chili and curry are the two most comforting foods I can imagine and their powers combine here beautifully. I actually didn’t even realize the recipe called for kidney beans (thereby making it technically a chili, I guess) until I was in the middle of making it, but just added extra lentils for body and it was plenty hearty. And, importantly, easy! The hardest part was letting it boil for awhile when I wanted to pour everything into my belly.


Oh hey

Coconut milk with the red bell pepper and crushed tomatoes was reminiscent of mixing a big plop of sour cream into a savory, down-home chili. But it’s vegan! And the sweet potatoes lay down a satisfying foundation for the dish. Not called for in the recipe, I added scallions and peanuts on top. Sriracha would be rad, too.

I was stuffed after dinner last night. Same with lunch today. And I still have tons left. So, if you’re a single gal like me, be ready to eat chili for a week. (I’m actually excited about this prospect.) If you have a family, you’ll still have leftovers.


This is probably the most in-focus food-phone-photo I’ve taken. Yes I know that’s a weak statement.

The Post Punk Kitchen is the brain child of Isa Chandra Moskowitz, a vegan cookbook maven whose recipes I just love to read as if devouring a book. I held off on executing her mouthwatering recipes at first because they seemed a bit more complicated than those with the Happy Herbivore. (Also, long story, I haven’t had my own kitchen since June. Working on that.)

But, with a well-stocked pantry and a bit of time (a bit, not a lot), they’re really not. While Lindsay at the Happy Herbivore is fantastic with quick, cheap, hearty recipes, Isa’s seem more authentic somehow.

I guess the Isa vs. Lindsay comparison came up for me last week when I decided to try Isa’s Everyday Pad Thai. I love Lindsay’s “Cheater” Pad Thai (recipe adapted here) and it is ridiculously easy and good. I didn’t want to stray from it. And I looked at Isa’s and thought more ingredients = more complicated = more expensive. But, I actually had lots of the ingredients in my pantry (that takes building, however – a post on that later). And, though Lindsay’s recipe will forever be in my repertoire when I need to make Pad Thai in less than 10 minutes, I loved the depth of Isa’s and felt like it came a bit closer to the stuff in the restaurants. I don’t really see either one as a compromise, though, because they’re both awesome.

Isa's Everyday Pad Thai

Isa’s Everyday Pad Thai

Anyway. I’ve been on a roll with Isa lately. I fixed her chickpea salad sammiches while I was camping a few weeks ago and her Moroccan tagine recipe from Vegan With a Vengeance is another I’ll make again. Now I need Veganomicon, Appetite for Reduction and Isa Does It.

My wish list in life includes plant-based cookbooks.


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