Being vegan on soft foods, and other trials

Last weekend I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Though I should have been more worried about the fact that the whole operation was done while I was awake, I was a bit stressed about what to eat.

People said yogurt and ice cream. Those are dairy products, guys.

But they certainly have their alternatives, so eating soft foods post-op served as another learning opportunity for me.

Day 1

Bloody gauzes in my mouth, I went to a Safeway to shop for mushy foods while my prescriptions for narcotics and antibiotics were being filled.

Safeway appeared to only have one type of non-dairy yogurt: So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. Two bucks a pop. Yamma hamma.

Then I got some sort of dairy-free sorbet.

Because I usually shop at hippy-dippy stores, the lack of dairy-free variety at Safeway was kind of a bummer.

So Delicious wasn’t.

It’s aptly named. It was so delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice, thick texture and rich flavor. As someone who hadn’t tried dairy-free yogurt before, I thought So Delicious killed it. Can you guys cut your price in half now?

The rest of the night I ate applesauce and a couple spoonfuls of sorbet in between gauzing my bloody Dracula mouth.

Day 2

After sleeping away much of the day, my boyfriend walked with me to the Ballard Market, where I knew I’d find more me-friendly food to buy.

This time, I bought soy yogurt (don’t remember the brand, but it was slightly cheaper than So Delicious) and a frozen Amy’s mac and cheeze for the next day.

Now, Amy’s has a variety of mac and cheeses available. They have regular pasta and cheese, they have regular pasta and lactose-free “cheeze” and they had gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free mac and cheese.

I figured, I don’t need to be gluten- and soy-free. Just dairy-free. So I picked up the box labeled “lactose-free.”

I didn’t realize until reading the label immediately after purchase (wrong order of actions, guys) that lactose-free does not mean dairy-free. That was news to me, sadly. The mac and cheese still contains casein, which is an addictive and carcinogenic protein (hence I’m vegan, not vegetarian).*

I still ate it the next day, anyway. I mean, I’m a writer, money doesn’t grow on trees for me.

That night, my boyfriend kindly heated up Trader Joe’s roasted red pepper and tomato soup for me. I hadn’t had it in a long time, not since I’d gone vegan.

I mentally noted its creamy texture when I took a spoonful. Then looked at the carton to find it contained milk.


Day 3

The soy yogurt I bought was a lot more watery than So Delicious. I missed So Delicious. Because it was So Delicious.

But it’s So Expensive.

I ate the Amy’s casein mac and cheese. It was kind of gummy, but maybe that’s because I nuked it and didn’t have the energy to deal with my boyfriend’s crappy oven.

I bought an explicitly-labeled vegan frozen dinner for the next day.


Day 4

I tried to heat up my explicitly-labeled vegan frozen dinner in my boyfriend’s oven. It was still cold after 30 minutes (damn boyfriend oven), so I zapped it. Which didn’t make for a great result.

It was dry. Not enough curry sauce for me. But passable. It was rice, tofu and squash, soft enough for my fragile mouth.

A couple days later I made this tomato soup again, this time blending a couple of roasted red peppers in with the crushed tomatoes. If I have major oral surgery again, I’m making all my own shit ahead of time. And maybe splurging on some So Delicious.

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*Yesterday I read the package of the Trader Joe’s soy alternative cheese shreds I’d been using. Yep. Casein there, too. The takeaway: Soy alternative DOES NOT MEAN DAIRY FREE. And read all labels.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tinako
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 16:54:50

    I love Trader Joe’s, and there are lots of things I can eat, but it’s so disappointing how many almost-vegan items they have. I accidentally bought that cheese, too. I also accidentally ate some before realizing, and it was terrible. Gummy, stick-to-your teeth terrible. So I returned it.


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