Special guest! Lindsay Nixon and Happy Herbivore Light and Lean + new recipe


Lindsay Nixon and Happy Herbivore were truly my gateway into the plant-based world before I even knew I wanted in on the party.

It all started with a dinner of chickpea tacos and I was immediately impressed with how creative and delicious plant-based meals are. Following Happy Herbivore from then on educated me about this lifestyle and served as an inspiration until I finally gave in wholeheartedly.

As a daily visitor of the Happy Herbivore blog, an occasional meal plan customer and a frequent Happy Herbivore Abroad-inspired cook, I’m so honored to have Lindsay here on this page today to promote her new cookbook, Happy Herbivore Light and Lean, coming out Dec. 3. And I got to test out one of the new recipes! This book not only includes low-fat, low-calorie recipes, but includes workout tips to help us stay fit.

Those who know me know that I’m not a shill for just anything, but seriously. Follow Happy Herbivore and buy Lindsay’s books. Her recipes are consistently delicious, easy to fix and with not only veganism, but whole foods at heart.

I asked Lindsay to share a little bit about her new book and tips on going — and staying — plant-based.

What excites you most about HH Light and Lean?

This book is very personal. I really opened up and shared myself and my past struggles. I think I’m still in denial that my deepest darkest secrets and insecurities are on paper and everyone is going to read it. LOL! BUT I’m also really empowered by that and hope — pray — it helps others. AND I’m really stoked to share the recipes! I’m really proud of them. Dare I say some of the best yet are in this new book!

You’ve stressed this several times on the HH blog, but please briefly review for my audience why going plant-based is so important for athletes or active people and why they DON’T need to worry about protein!

The misinformation about nutrition, and especially protein, make me crazy. You could eat nothing but potatoes all day long and still exceed your protein needs. Studies, even those paid for by protein supplement companies, haven’t been able to prove more protein = more muscle. In fact, these studies show us the opposite: that after your daily protein minimum is met (and that amount is shockingly low – like 10 percent of total calories low) that the body prefers calories from carbs or fat over protein for building muscles. All the big sports mags and journals have been reporting that athletes who eat a plant-based diet have a leg up, too – so hopefully that will help break these myths, misconceptions and really poor conventional wisdom.

For more information check out this post (http://happyherbivore.com/2013/01/herbie-101-series-nutrition/) and the “Fit Herbies” series on the blog.

I have a blog post about vegan body builders and really addressing this myth if you want to check it out!

What are some of your favorite everyday “lean” cooking/eating tips that don’t make you feel deprived? I know mine: cooking with veggie broth instead of oil.

Put your food over a bed of greens. It’s a great way to boost nutrition but you’ll also feel satisfied from all the bulk. Potatoes are also wonderful. If you’re having one of those days where you can’t stop the hunger, eat a potato.

What do you think are some of the biggest mental/emotional roadblocks, based on your experiences or those of others, for people who are curious about going vegan but think they can’t ever go through with it?

I think people over-think it (really, it’s not complicated — it’s so simple it’s criminal!) and many people often work themselves up over a million possible scenarios. Then it feels crushing and they can’t even get started. For example, I had this one client who was freaking out — what would she do at her niece’s wedding — 10 months away! I was like, “Carol, I love you, but let’s cross that bridge when you get to it. Don’t worry about it today. Focus on your next meal.”

Ten months later Carol went to the wedding, had a great time, was 100 percent plant-based, and the talk of the wedding because she’d lost close to 50 pounds! When she was showing me the pictures, I jokingly reminded her how she’d freaked out so many months before. She blushed, then said to me, “You just have to live your lifestyle. Don’t worry about it. Don’t think about it. Just do it. One day at a time.” I’ve told that to every client like Carol ever since. (Note: name changed to protect client privacy)

Make the next thing you put in your mouth a plant food. 🙂 No excuses!

Thanks so much, Lindsay. Squee!

Now for the recipe: Thai crunch salad


Oh, if only I had a personal food artist and photographer.

Dude, this salad is awesome. However, rather than being a single serving as specified in the recipe, this salad will last me for days. That sometimes happens with me and Lindsay’s recipes. Check it out:

Salad forever

Salad forever

Are the veggies bigger in the Pacific Northwest? No complaints here. And each serving is so satisfying.

What cinches this salad is the beautiful peanut dressing. So easy to make, I made another batch from memory for my next day’s lunch serving of salad. And, as with all Happy Herbivore dressings, no oil! And so flavorful. With my first taste out of the mixing bowl, I got layers of flavors bowling me over one after the other (peanutty, spicy, sweet). Seriously, that dressing is bomb. Can I just drink it?

thai crunch 2

Salad goodness

Thanks again, Lindsay! I can’t wait for Light and Lean to come out! Congratulations to you on your success.

And congratulations to YOU, reader, for getting a free advanced Happy Herbivore recipe.

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