Veggie VIP: St. Dames

I don’t get to try out all of the veggie-focused restaurants I so want to visit, because 1.) money, and 2.) I am not drowning in companions dying to try a vegetarian or vegan restaurant with me. When I do go out, I’m usually veganizing menu items at an omni restaurant.

But yesterday morning, my lovely friend Amy was kind enough to want to try St. Dames with me for brunch.

It’s located in Columbia City, which is a Seattle neighborhood I never frequent, but I would totally travel to this place from my Ballard/Lower Queen Anne haunts again.

It’s completely vegetarian, with a multitude of vegan or veganizable dishes – they’re totally friendly to making dishes gluten-free, too.

I was so excited about my brunch, I forgot to take photos. Sorry about that. Google image “St. Dames Seattle” and you’ll see.

I’m a complete sucker for breakfast burritos, so that’s what I ordered, vegan-style with tofu. (You can get vegetarian with eggs and cojita.) It’s stuffed with house-made vegan chorizo, corn and jalepeno, along with tofu. (You can also opt for tempeh.) The potatoes on the side are wonderful.

I asked for hot sauce, and they brought me this lovely fire-orange sauce they make on site. It’s not bitter or vinegary like many hot sauces – it has a slightly thicker quality and adds the right punch to breakfast, when sprinkled on, without overpowering the goodness of the food.

Oh, and how could I forget the salsa? It was a deep rust-color, with a nice chunky texture. Essential for this burrito that would risk being on the dry side without it.

Amy got a tofu scramble on special that day, with kale, black beans, green onions and other goodness I can’t quite remember. Though Amy is an omnivore, she still loved it and also pledged to return someday, all the way from her home in Kirkland.

Service was very friendly and coffee was mostly kept flowing, to our hearts’ content.

I can’t wait to come back the next time I have an excuse to be in the area. I think I need to try the crabby cakes next, unless they have another tempting special on hand.

Oh, and they serve dinner, too!

UPDATE: I returned to St. Dames a couple weeks later with the Seattle Vegan Meetup group. I got the tofu scramble this time, which included quinoa, pinto and black beans, onions, greens and red bell peppers. Somewhat dry (I mean, there was quinoa), but tasty. The potatoes are bomb.

Forgive the photo, it was dim in there.




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  1. Summer Polonsky Photography
    Nov 11, 2013 @ 20:42:18

    Sounds completely fantastic! I have a lack of people to eat vegetarian with as well, but I may have to make the trek out by myself.. I’m a sucker for good salsa!


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