As if it wasn’t enough to get the Happy Herbivore on this humble little blog.

Last night I got to see Isa Chandra Moskowitz, modern vegan pioneer and creator of the Post Punk Kitchen, at Book Larder in Fremont.

I geeked out. Got there early, bought her new book, Isa Does It, pored over page after delicious page, and sat in the front row.

Swiftly demolished.

Swiftly demolished.

Well, I didn’t wanna be the only person hanging around an hour before the start of the event, so I made a quick stop at Uneeda Burger and got their homemade veggie burger topped with portobello mushrooms.

Then I went back to Book Larder and was still pretty early, so I made sure to snag a good seat before resuming my absorption in Isa Does It.

I love the other cookbook I have of hers, Vegan With a Vengeance. It has amazingly delicious recipes, including the chocolate cake I made for my mom.

But it’s not an attractive book inside. I want pictures with my recipes. There are hardly any pictures.


This hardcover book is just a work of art. So well-done. I couldn’t stop paging through it all night – at least when I wasn’t eagerly watching and listening to Isa.

Isa noted the difference – you can tell she’s proud of this book, too. Sounds like she got a new publisher committed to putting out a better product.

Anyway. Isa. She’s funny and charming and delightful and everything I hoped and imagined her to be. (Don’t worry, I’m a puddle on the floor in front of all people I admire.)

Responding to a question I asked about making food for people who think I’m a total kale head now (not that there’s anything wrong with that), she told me basically to make something creamy (a texture that releases endorphins, she says) and to grill shit to get some nice flavors into the food.

As she signed my book, I told her I was going to make three of her recipes for Thanksgiving: the stuffed Thanksgiving burger, the maple pecan pie and her pumpkin cheesecake. She assured me those were all good ones.

See, Mom? They’ll be good!

Looking through her book, I realized I’d already made and/or written about four of the Isa Does It recipes (which I found on the PPK site): her Thai red curry lentil chili, everyday pad Thai, roasted red pepper mac and this beautiful red curry soup with rice and purple kale (kale in soup = inspired):

sweetpotkaleSo I can already give this book a thumbs up.

So, buy it, or do what I did before I bought it and gaze at the pages on Amazon during your lunch break.



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  1. Stephanie L
    Dec 17, 2013 @ 07:16:08

    Omg I love the Book Larder, hit me up next time you’re going! I could literally live in there…


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