Easy peasy

… lemon squeezy.

I really did squeeze a lemon for this one.

I almost always make recipes that will last me at least a couple days – if it lasts me a week, even better. I love cooking, but ain’t nobody got time for that every day.

A recent super-de-dooper easy recipe that I went through for about a week came from Budget Bytes with Beth’s oven roasted Greek stuffed pitas.

Budget Bytes is an omni website, but it has vegetarian and vegan tabs and many of the non-vegan recipes are easily vegefied – like this one.

I nixed the chicken and made the Happy Herbivore feta to go with it. Chickpeas would also have been a great add if I’d thought of it.

After I used up all my pitas, this filling was great on a salad.

Speaking of salad, it makes an excellent side next to the pita.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The thing to know about the HH feta is that it won’t have the same salty, tangy bite of real feta, nor will it achieve the texture (at least none of this happened for me). But I loved the chewy, vinegary goodness of it and will make it again, for sure. It’s not a feta replacement, but is a fine substitute. It held up well in the fridge for a week until I ate it all.

This meal is so easy and incorporates my favorite ingredients in the universe: tomato, eggplant, bell pepper and red onion. Hello! Maybe next time I’ll throw in pepperocinis. *drool*

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