Talking about your new hippie lifestyle

I’m not a loud vegan. I’m not preachy about it. I don’t judge others’ dietary decisions because I don’t want people to judge mine. I hardly even bring it up, ever, unless someone else does.

Basically, I don’t want to become the subject of that “You know how to spot a vegan at a party?” joke.*

But I wish I were more eloquent in discussing it when people ask questions or try to give me advice.

I enjoyed a recent conversation I had with a dude in my social circle.

Him: “So, why did you do it? Was it the health thing, the ethical thing … ?”

Me: “Kind of a combination.”

Him: “Word.”

Thankfully, I never get any resistance or judginess from the people in my world. A lot of them, rather, have expressed admiration or acknowledge that it’s a cool thing to do, but they just don’t feel they could do it, themselves.

The people I feared receiving the most questioning from were my parents, namely my mother. However, they wonderfully did not question my decision and do whatever they can to accommodate me, even if they make occasional mistakes or make an incorrect assumption. They just need more education, that’s all. They’ve been super awesome.

As I guessed, however, my mom is still the person who worries about me, and does so out loud. She’s a mama bear. She worries about me for five million other reasons than my plant-exclusive diet. This is just another thing for her to worry about.

So I try to tell her that yes, I’m getting enough protein and calcium and vitamins and that I’m getting them all in better forms than I could ever get with meat and dairy. She still worries. More

This week’s reading

History! In my mind, tomatoes are still veggies.

-I could go on with my feelings about commercial chains, whether this move is necessary, whether this should be supported, etc etc etc but I say that any recognition of the vegan lifestyle is better than marginalization.

A Seattle vegan who makes me want to eat the computer screen.

Oh yeah, holidays

I have 5 million posts in my head, but I moved right after Thanksgiving, so whenever I’m home and not cooking or sorting through my crap, I’m binge-watching MasterChef.


But! Thanksgiving!

People thought it would be super hard for me to have my first vegan Thanksgiving, but literally the only thing that was different this year in terms of a dish I didn’t have was turkey. And my parents make excellent turkey. But I didn’t miss it.

Instead I made myself a stuffed Thanksgiving burger patty and that was my main dish. Then my mom set aside stuffing and potatoes for me that were mixed with veggie broth and almond milk (respectively) instead of chicken stock and milk. I also made myself the scallion gravy from Happy Herbivore Abroad for my alternative to the stuff made from meat juice.

Also, I made vegan pies. Isa pies.


Natural face

Crazy how one small assignment for a magazine at which I interned totally changed my habits.

When I wrote this article on the dangers of mainstream cosmetics for YES! Magazine as an intern in 2009 (read YES! Magazine, btw), I permanently switched my beauty pantry to more natural products, diligently reading ingredients lists and nixing phthalates and parabens. I don’t think I’m perfect, but since that time, I have increasingly hippie-fied what I put on my face and body, now just using kitchen ingredients where possible.

It’s not necessary to douse yourself in chemicals in order to care for your skin and hair, and you can save tons of dough by mixing up some of your own natural concoctions. Nature knows best, y’all.

So this isn’t about vegan food, but plant-based folks often seem inherently interested in spreading their healthy interest to other areas in life. In addition to eating healthier, I’ve been enjoying beautifying healthier. So today let’s talk about our faces.

Three extremely versatile ingredients that should be part of your vegan kitchen anyway will also get you far in chemical-free beauty: baking soda, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.

I used to use different Burt’s Bees facial cleansers and exfoliators to clean my face morning and night, but my nighttime routine now just includes the above ingredients. (Dr. Bronner now cleans my face in the morning — he cleans my body, too.)

I use the coconut oil about five nights a week, baking soda two nights a week and apple cider vinegar every day, morning and night.

Wanna overthrow chemical cosmetic companies? I’ll tell you what I do. More

FREE STUFF: Win a copy of Happy Herbivore Light and Lean

NOTE: This giveaway is closed to new entries. We have a winner. Thanks for your interest!

As one of the hosts of the Happy Herbivore Light and Lean book tour, I get to let one of you mooch some swag.

Damn straight.

BenBella Books wants one of my lucky readers to get their hands on this fantastic cook book.

Get this shit

Get this shit

I received it a little more than a week ago and my omnivore family let me go to town making Sunday football grub from the book, like the roasted chickpeas and sweet pea guacamole. We had banana chocolate chip scones before the game started. And I made my mom a pumpkin spice latte from the book. (Go Seahawks!)

Everything was demolished before I could snap crappy cell phone photos.

It also has trusty, handy recipes Lindsay Nixon tends to print in all of her cookbooks, like a version of nacho cheese, vegan sour cream, vegan mayo, gluten-free flour blend, and more.

When my BFF comes to visit me tomorrow, I plan to make the HHLL ruby chocolate muffins with her.


This week in bullshit sources of dairy

bullshit gifs photo: bullshit Peggy_bullshit.gif

-A tube of minced garlic (wut?)
-Mints (um?)
-Vitamin B12 supplements (whyyy)

In what zany and maddening places have you found dairy? Giving up meat is simple. But dodging dairy is a whole different challenge because it’s EVERYWHERE.


After three months of complete, committed veganism, I consumed dairy today.

It wasn’t intentional. It wasn’t, “Oh, I’ll cheat just this one time because I need this right now and it won’t hurt.”

I just happened.

And now my stomach is like this:

If I’m ever tempted to cheat, I’ll just remember that nothing tastes as good as shitty feels.