Oh yeah, holidays

I have 5 million posts in my head, but I moved right after Thanksgiving, so whenever I’m home and not cooking or sorting through my crap, I’m binge-watching MasterChef.


But! Thanksgiving!

People thought it would be super hard for me to have my first vegan Thanksgiving, but literally the only thing that was different this year in terms of a dish I didn’t have was turkey. And my parents make excellent turkey. But I didn’t miss it.

Instead I made myself a stuffed Thanksgiving burger patty and that was my main dish. Then my mom set aside stuffing and potatoes for me that were mixed with veggie broth and almond milk (respectively) instead of chicken stock and milk. I also made myself the scallion gravy from Happy Herbivore Abroad for my alternative to the stuff made from meat juice.

Also, I made vegan pies. Isa pies.

I’ve taken to making desserts for affairs at my parents’ house to make sure I can eat treats along with them. I also like showing my family how righteous vegan desserts are.

I’m not a big pecan pie person – maybe it’s too many nuts in one place, too crunchy or something – but this maple pecan pie was delicious. I mean, the maple caramel. I could have rotted my teeth out by spooning that shit into my mouth all day. But I needed it for the pie.

The pumpkin cheesecake, with orange zest and banana, had a fruity finish and a nice creamy texture like cheesecake. My dad and I liked the cheesecake better. My mom liked the pecan. I’m glad, because that means both were good. Boom.

(Shhh I bought a pre-made wheat crust for both pies because I’m a cheap, lazy bitch.)

For Christmas, I made a batch of ruby chocolate muffins from Happy Herbivore Light and Lean. I made them last week and they’re amazing, so I’m going to introduce my family to them. I also made myself a quick brown gravy to pour over my dinner tomorrow. It is so freaking good! I think maybe even better than the scallion gravy. And I think my parents got me some portobellos so I can make myself some steaks while my family eats prime rib.

So it’s all right, everyone! Plan ahead, make sure your family knows what’s up, make some of your own shit, and you can enjoy holiday meals just as much as everyone else.

Leftover Thanksgiving burger. Delicious.

Leftover Thanksgiving burger. Delicious.

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