Yay 2014!

Made two snacks from Happy Herbivore Light and Lean for New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house.

He hosts NYE every year. It’s a tradition now to drink college-y drinks with college friends. We sing the fight song. Go Cougs!

Anyway, food.

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I’m glad I captured the deviled potatoes while they were pretty (albeit out of focus in the photo), before they were loaded into a plastic container and got sloshed around more than I expected in the car.

The NYE party is always focused more on drink than food, but half the cheese ball was eaten and all but two of the potatoes were gone by the time I bounced (which was before most, because I had too many college-y drinks), so I consider that a successful stealthy insertion of vegan food into the mix. (I wonder how many people were fooled by me plating the “cheese ball” in a Cougar Gold cheese tin?)

I stuffed my face with salt and vinegar Tim’s chips because I love them, those temptresses.

I don’t ever make resolutions each year because I think one should always strive to be awesome. Act now and all that. But I am so glad I went veggie last year and I’m going to have a blast on my journey this year. OM NOM.

Remember to enter the drawing for a free copy of HHLL. Do it.

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