Thoughts this week

-Even though I lurrrrve eating out, my choices are so often whittled down for me when there are only one or two vegan items on the menu … or maybe one or two veganize-able things. (If I had a nickel every time I said, “…with the veggie patty instead and no cheese or mayo” …) Everyone around me will have cheesy, meaty food that I would have loved a year or two ago. Yet, as I make my own meals with a hummus plate or a plain baked potato or a mixed greens salad (“hold the cheese, please”), I still feel all right. I still feel at peace with my choices.

-Homemade banana ice cream and hot fudge is pretty damn bomb. I used to be obsessed with ice cream. It was my favorite dessert in the universe (rivaling cheesecake). Heck, after long nights working at the college newspaper, sometimes I had a bowl of ice cream for dinner before falling asleep, my head crashing down on pages recounting the history of the Peloponnesian War. Tonight I pulled the bananas from my freezer reserved just to try an ice cream and it was great. Nothing bad for me in it, either. I just wish I had an assistant to peel frozen bananas for me.

-I know graphic images of slaughter houses and industrial poultry pens are supposed to convert people and stuff, but I can never stomach the footage. It’s like, OK, I get it. While an omnivore, I knew it was horrible, but I forced myself into a denial that allowed me to eat meat. Now I have a better idea of how horrible it is and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to being an omnivore. So, even when Paul McCartney (my boyfriend) is narrating a PETA video, I can’t get through five minutes. And it’s not something I’d ever use to convert anyone else. It’s not my thing. But I certainly think of those images now every time my boyfriend eats a bacon cheeseburger. And I keep it to myself.

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