I dig a good weekend brunch, which I seek out once every couple weeks.

Breakfast on a weekday, however? I want to spend whatever 10 minutes it takes to prepare and eat breakfast SLEEPING.

Sleep in warm bed > everything

Sometimes I swipe a Clif Bar or two from the boyfriend. Sometimes I manage to make overnight oats to bring to work. Maybe oatmeal.

But the only thing I really bother with ingesting in the morning is coffee. With the combination of jitters and an empty stomach, lunch can’t come soon enough. Even when I do bring a small breakfast to work, I metabolize it so quickly that I’m still starving for lunch, anyway.

A couple weeks ago, after sliding into a bar stool at Barking Dog Alehouse in Ballard for some food and coffee with my Seahawks game, I ordered a breakfast bowl, without the fried egg. Basically it was Spanish style rice with beans, salsa, green onions I believe … I dunno. Good stuff. It was delightful and fulfilled by Tex Mex craving I always have at breakfast time.


Fuck, I can make rice and put delicious shit on it.

Enter: my rice and tofu bowl.


Vegan baby’s first tofu scramble

Last week, I made Spanish rice from Happy Herbivore Abroad and tofu scramble from Happy Herbivore Light and Lean with black beans, green onions and roasted red peppers mixed in. They were divided among three containers and layered in with salsa. I kept them in the fridge and could take one out in the morning before work. I brought an itty bitty container with cool vegan sour cream and cilantro for topping after I zapped my breakfast bowl in the microwave and cut an avocado into it.

First, let me say I can’t believe I haven’t made tofu scramble before. It’s ten times easier than making an egg scramble, which I used to do fairly frequently. And it’s so delicious! Yeah!

Also, a satisfying breakfast on a work day is unbelievable. (I did have one of the bowls on a Saturday. That was also amazing.) I’m not starving by 11:30 a.m. I can delay lunch a bit more, which allows me not to come home starving. I know this all sounds obvious, but I have spent my adult life not being a morning/breakfast person. You still have to electrocute me into consciousness in the morning, but after that, I’ll be looking forward to this breakfast and not feeling like crap with nothing but coffee coursing through my veins. This has been something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile – make a good, satisfying breakfast ahead of time that will last me a few days – and I’m so glad this worked out for me.

I can’t guarantee myself that I can make this all the time, but it has inspired me to make breakfast more of a priority. Perhaps that just requires finding more awesome breakfast recipes or inventing stuff that’s easy to transport.


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