-I think the federal government recommends a few bogus things for our diets (big ag lobby, hello!) but the average American is pretty far off of what even the feds say is healthy.

-Eliminate food waste! How long your food is actually good to eat and what you can do to lengthen its shelf life: huzzah!

-A “seismic shift in attitude”: the rise of the part-time vegan.

-Those who know me know that I’m pro-GMO labeling – an initiative to require GMO labeling in Washington state was sadly rejected by voters in November. I don’t believe that the genetically modified organisms themselves are inherently unsafe to consume, but I worry that GMOs allow additional tons of poison to be dumped onto our food and seep into our ground, disrupting soil’s natural ecosystem and tainting the water supply. This piece explains my views better than I can.


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