Food rudeness

I’m a diplomat and a people-pleaser, so it’s not in my nature to assert my opinions unsolicited or rock the boat in any way.

Yet I also have a slight know-it-all streak and I get enthusiastic about things I learn, so I have to keep myself in check when people just don’t want to hear it.

I read this xoJane column today about “food rudeness”: when people decline food that is politely offered to them and qualify it with “carbs are evil”/”that is so fattening”/”x causes cancer,” etc.

It made me reflect on my food manners now that I’m a veggie hippie.

Your dietary choices are personal and you’re navigating what’s right for you. However, I think what vegans tend to believe — making choices that they feel are good for their health as well as good for animals and the planet as a whole — is that their lifestyle is good for society, too. I mean, yeah, I think I’m doing my itty bitty part to curb greenhouse gas emissions and support vegan foods, but I also know that I’m not going to convert anyone by qualifying my choices out loud to everybody. More


My birthday is next week, but my boyfriend hopped to it early and gave me my gifts already.

Last night I came home to two packages from him: a cast iron pan and a hand blender!

The story of the immersion blender was initially a sad one. More


An unintended consequence of becoming vegan was learning that WINE isn’t all vegan. Not only can animal-derived ingredients be used in wine, but mainly what one has to look out for is animal products being used in the filtering process. And that’s not going on any ingredients list.

I tend to give whatever wine I’m drinking the benefit of the doubt, especially if it’s something being served somewhere I’m at or if it’s something a friend brought to my house. I haven’t been super diligent about looking those things up – mainly I’m looking for what’s on sale. More

Like Chinese takeout

Loved the meal I made last week that stretched into a few more meals’ worth of leftovers.

Thug Kitchen’s winter vegetable stir fry

-Adjustments: ended up probably doubling the tamari, rice vinegar and chili paste (read: Sriracha) to amp up the flavor. Should have done the same with the orange juice.

-Sometimes served topped with more Sriracha.

-I’ve never cooked with fennel before and I loved this gingery, fennel-y dish. So good.

Budget Bytes’ basic bok choy

-Adjustments: used asparagus instead because Metropolitan Market didn’t have any bok choy (damn you, Metro!). Also cooked the asparagus in veggie broth instead of oil (I’m about oil reduction/elimination wherever possible), but still finished it off with toasted sesame seed oil for some clutch flavor.

-‘Twas still delicious.

Both these dishes paired well together hot or cold. Maybe if I had a miso soup along with them it’d be a grand ole dinner, but I have my limits on motivation and clean pans.

The scale

I have a complicated relationship with my body image.

As a woman, I guess that comes with the territory. I’m not unique in that. But now I’m navigating how my veganism figures into my self-image.

I feel fantastic. Most food I eat now makes me feel good. I know I’m ethically doing a good thing for animals and the environment. I’m voting with my wallet. The food I eat now is more nutritionally nourishing.

I’m totally sold on the benefits of the plant-based diet that so many who inspired me have preached before.

But I can’t help being reminded that I don’t see a lot of benefits that are … visible. More