My birthday is next week, but my boyfriend hopped to it early and gave me my gifts already.

Last night I came home to two packages from him: a cast iron pan and a hand blender!

The story of the immersion blender was initially a sad one. My parents bought me one two Christmases ago. I saw chefs looking badass with one on Food Network and I got irritated with recipes that would tell me to transfer a soup or sauce to a blender if I didn’t have a hand blender (I don’t even have a regular blender, bitches, I have a Magic Bullet!).

So I was sooooo excited about this fancy toy when I got it.

Then a couple months later, I had to move. I decided I would pack the hand blender last because I didn’t want to bury it under a bunch of crap and leave it susceptible to damage.

I think what happened is I forgot to pack it at all because after I moved, I never saw it again.

I was sad. And felt very guilty.

Sugar Daddy bought me the exact same one my parents gave me. So I feel reunited with a lost love that didn’t meet its full potential. Hopefully I can be better to this blender. At least I won’t be moving for years now, if I can help it.

As for the cast iron, my boyfriend isn’t even a big cook but he LOVES HIS CAST IRON. He makes cornbread and skillet pizza in that thing all the time. He evangelized it pretty effectively because I began to covet the cast iron. So he spread the love on that front, as well.

Happy birthday to meeeeeee!

And to Mikey, too, in a way.


What do you make with your hand blender or cast iron pans? What kitchen toys do you dream of?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. amy
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 15:31:06

    I want a hand blender! and a vegetable spiralizer! I have a cheap one and it’s great, except I tent to slice my knuckles, and no one wants bloody zucchini noodles 😦 And I want a soda stream. And a keurig. And a magic bullet food processor. And 2 coffee grinders (one for coffee, the other for nuts and seeds and things). And a giant countertop mixer. …. OK, my entire wish list on Amazon is food stuff.


  2. Lynsi
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 17:12:31

    Ohh those sound amazing! I use my Magic Bullet for a mixer, coffee grinder AND spice grinder, do I need to separate them? Do they leave their essences on the blades and rub off on the next thing I throw in there? I try to rein in my desires for kitchen gadgets because so many are rarely-needed or just plain excessive, but I would love a vegetable spiralizer to make zucchini noodles and such. I also want an Aeropress coffeemaker.


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