‘Whoever smelt it dealt it’

Real talk here.

Since going plant-based, I fart quite a bit more.

Come at me, bro.

This is common for vegans.

And apparently, as long as you’re not bloated and uncomfortable, it’s also a sign of good things.


So if people give you crap, just tell them they should start farting, too. It’s good for you.

Today’s reading

Walmart and cheap organic food

A takedown of one paleo’s misconceptions about veganism

Vegan icon T. Colin Campbell takes down a recent NY Times’ nutritional analysis (though the NY Times writer rightly points out that it’s hard to draw any kind of conclusion on the effect of any isolated part of one’s diet on one’s health)


linda richman

Onions are plants

Sometimes you just gotta snicker.

Report: Average American consuming 4 ounces of cheese right now*

Activists release horrifying video showing how meat products are eaten**

*I used to love stuffing my face with cheese.

**It’s not pretty when I stuff my face with salad, so.


After some tough weeks at work for the both of us, my boyfriend and I went to Portland for the weekend.

My main experience with Portland is my mom taking my brother and me to the Clackamas Mall (quite outside of Portland) for sales tax-free back-to-school shopping. Of course I’ve been to Portland proper, the metropolitan neighbor to the south, but I hadn’t explored it on my own.

Seattle is an easy city in which to be vegan, but in Portland they totally cater to you. I had a waiter volunteer to check on the veganness of a salad, went to places with special vegan menus and you can just say “make it vegan, please” and they know what to do (too many people don’t know what that means, so I always have to specify no mayo/sour cream/cheese/aioli, etc.). Portland is particularly vegan-savvy.

Now eating out with the man friend means seeking out omni restaurants that have something I can eat. Homeboy doesn’t quite get that it’s possible to have a meal without meat.

But it was so easy!

Oh and we drank lots of craft beer. So happy beer is vegan.

Not pictured: a grilled PB and J from the famous Bunk Sandwiches. Yeah I’m gonna make those at home now.

Recommended brewery: Pints.

Maybe next time I’ll go to Portland with girlfriends who will eat at the vegan joints with me.

What vegans eat

I always love vegan food porn where I can peep what other people eat, like what Bianca at Vegan Crunk does now and then.

So I’ll offer up my own food porn. Captured by my crappy cell phone camera. Sexxxxxi.

I need to try all of the places

My boss has kind of anointed me the unofficial food blogger at the Seattle P-I as of late, so of course I had to insert my own interests into my work.

A couple weeks ago I posted a Seattle guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants. It was fun. And actually attracted lots of traffic. I think it surpassed my superiors’ expectations. We veggies crave to know where to go!

Anyway, if you’re in the know, let me know what I’ve missed. For the sake of limiting the scope of the piece, I stuck to places that are veggie-only. There are infinitely more places that are veggie friendly, of course.