The nooch gospel

My boyfriend, Mike, is a fairly picky eater.

Since going full-time veggie, he stopped wanting to eat the meals I make, which made me sad because I love to share my cooking. He’s also sad that I no longer make him beef stew or turkey chili (though I did teach him how to make his own turkey chili, so there’s that).

He’s a guy who honestly doesn’t see the point in eating something without meat and/or cheese.

One thing we do share is a love of salad. Sometimes we hit up a salad bar together at Ballard Market in his hood or Metropolitan Market in my hood. Since I’ve been overloaded on CSA goods, we just hit up the salad bar for toppings I don’t have (cheese and ham in his case) and mix them in with my copious quantities of greens.

Anyway. Outside salad, we have little in common anymore when it comes to food.

But last week, my friends, Mikey discovered nooch.

Nutritional yeast was a revelation when I first bought it and tried it, perhaps a year-and-a-half or two years ago. I put that shit on everything.

Including my homemade tortilla chips I’ve been making. Not only is it healthier to cut, season and bake my own chips, but the small amount of effort required to make them forces to me consider whether I really want the chips and prevents me from reaching into a bag and mindlessly gorging. (Chips and salsa used to be a dinner alternative for me since college.)

Mikey freaking loves these baked chips and he’s actually grown better at making them than I am – he has a better instinct I do for pulling them out of the oven after they pass the chewy stage and before they get too brown.

The other day, he was over at my place and went into the kitchen to make a second batch of chips. He noticed the yellow sprinkles all over the cookie sheet. (See, I’ve been sneaking nooch onto these chips because I could see the look on his face if I told him he was consuming “nutritional yeast” – doesn’t it sound like some weird hippie concoction?)

“What is this spice you put on the chips?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s delicious,” I said, not wanting to spoil my secret ingredient.

“No seriously, what is it?”

“Nutritional yeast.” I was sheepish.

“This stuff is pretty good,” he said.

I was shocked. He sprinkled it on.

We gobbled up our chips after they were done – I call him the tortilla whisperer, he seriously makes them perfectly – and he dipped his finger in the bowl to swipe up the remnant yellow flakes and lick them off.

“Yeah this nutritional yeast stuff is good,” he said. “Where do you buy this stuff?”

This from the man who won’t eat cauliflower or tofu or hummus.

I consider this the win of my life. Or at least the year.

For any noobs out there, read up on nooch here and here.

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  1. Jess
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 17:04:09

    Congrats on your nooch victory. I think if you keep cooking tasty food, the boyfriend will come around.


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