Store-bought natural peanut butter? RIP-OFF. Make your own, boss!

In recent years, of course, I got into eating natural, no-crazy-sugar-or-other-bullshit-added peanut butter.

But have you seen straight up peanut butter in the store?! Freaking $6, $7, $8 – who has that kind of cash for luxury peanut butter?! I don’t live near a Grocery Outlet anymore, so I’ve paid crap prices for peanut butter a few times. Luckily I don’t go through peanut butter that quickly.

My baller friend Ashley, one of my high school besties, posted about making her own peanut butter over at her blog.


For some reason it took me freaking months to get around to it. Why? WHY? (For one, my local market was really slow on re-stocking unsalted peanuts in bulk. RAWR.)

I finally tried it about a month ago. Like Ashley said: peanuts and salt in the food processor.

Peanutty goodness.

Peanutty goodness.

Unlike the result in Ashley’s post, my peanut butter turned into a ball. I found that kind of curious and thought I made it wrong.

However, it tasted pretty great until I added too much salt. Wahhh. That and it was hard to spread with its pasty texture.

I ate it all, anyway. It was still quite good.

I ate it all, anyway. It was still quite good.

This morning, I finally dumped my remaining peanuts in my trusty food processor to give a second batch a go. (I planned on having PB&J sammiches for lunch today.)

I added less salt and a dash of sugar, at my boyfriend’s suggestion. (I don’t think it’s necessary, but can’t hurt.)

Batch No. 2

Batch No. 2

Didn’t yield a ton because it was just the last handful of peanuts I had, but it was definitely creamier! I’m not an engineer/scientist like Ashley, so I have no idea why it turned out so differently, but this batch was fantastically spreadable. Bigger success!

My sammiches were delicious.

Anyway, I only spent a few bucks on a big bag o’ peanuts (unsalted) and it took a mere minutes to make, almost entirely hands-off grinding time.


I’m probably not gonna go full-on homemaker making my own almond milks and shit, but I’m a definite homemade peanut butter convert. It sounds impressive and is super easy.

Thanks for the tip, Ashley!

(Anyone have a clue about why the peanut butter would turn out differently? Tell meeeee!)

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ashley
    Oct 13, 2014 @ 20:58:01

    You need to keep processing! The ball, from your first batch isn’t your finished product. Your second batch, was creamer because you had less peanuts and therefore a shorter processing time.

    When I make nut butter in my food processor, I have to run it for what seems like 20 minutes. I do 5 on 5 off to rest the motor. And you just need a pinch of salt. I don’t think adding too much salt will change the creaminess, just make it really salty. Good luck with your next batch!


  2. Lynsi
    Oct 13, 2014 @ 21:02:21

    Ha OK thanks for the tip! I was wondering why it didn’t seem to budge from the Play-Doh texture, but I just need to have patience! Good idea with resting the motor. I burned out my Magic Bullet trying to make tahini! Love you, girl.


    • Ashley
      Oct 14, 2014 @ 21:32:51

      I have yet to attempt to make tahini. I have a friend who did with her professional food processor, and she said it takes her 10 minutes. Which translates to a year with my yard sale $5 food processor, that I believe is from the early 90’s…


  3. Rikki
    Oct 19, 2014 @ 13:47:35

    “But it makes nut butters!”


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