Making it work

Traveling/being on the go/dining out with friends must be navigated more conscientiously as a veghead.

But I’ve come across some nice options and accommodations during my recent hectic few weeks.

First: Safeway is actually pretty all right.

I don’t often shop at Safeway anymore except for its gas station. I feel I find more options that fit my needs at local chain markets. But maybe I haven’t looked in the right places.

I took a weekend trip to Pullman with my bestie Alex to visit my old roommate and her husband and check out the football game.

For breakfast before the game, we kind of of had issues. We schlepped to the neighboring town Moscow, Idaho to stop at the popular breakfast joint there, but it was more than an hour wait to sit down, so we went back to Pullman to grab breakfast at a bar before the early afternoon game.

The only veggie option I thought there might be for me was the veggie burger. But the waitress told me there was cheese in the patty (and I was glad she thought to let me know). So I had hash brown patties. Not exactly a filling breakfast.

So after the bar brunch, we zoomed over to Safeway real fast – we all needed to pick up some things, anyway. My old roommate, Lupe, told me they had a fresh sushi bar there. What! That’s a thing at Safeway?!

And they did! They had veggie rolls and – what I ultimately picked – avocado salad rolls. A nice lady making sushi behind the counter told me to let her know if she could help me with anything. Luckily I found just what I wanted:

Breakfast avocado salad roll.

Breakfast avocado salad roll.

So it wasn’t a tofu scramble or veggie hash. But it did the job in filling me up a bit before the game.

I would soon pick up veggie sushi rolls at a Safeway in West Seattle. Those did the trick, too, on my way to a party where meat chili was on the dinner menu.

Next Safeway surprise was maybe a couple days later. I needed to run to the bank before going in to work and I only had a salad or small soup or something to take to work for lunch, so I wanted to bring something else, too. And not just carrots and hummus. (Carrots and hummus will ride with me for life, but sometimes you just need to change it up.)

I stopped by the Lower Queen Anne Safeway next to my credit union. I found a pile of locally-made vegetarian wraps, many of them vegan. This Thai-flavored seitan wrap caught my eye:

Yeah, I destroyed the wrap. Here's the label.

Yeah, I destroyed the wrap. Here’s the label.

Comes in lots of varieties. And how often do you get seitan?! It was great for shoving in my face at my desk, surely while checking the jail roster or writing up crime briefs. I would soon find this brand at a West Seattle Safeway, too, so maybe this is a thing I will be able to find in the future when I need something fast! I wish it were cheaper than the $4 or $5 I paid, but you know.

Then there was brunch with the girls. I went to Luna Park Cafe in West Seattle with my friends Katie and Sara. They had vegetarian dishes, but nothing explicitly vegan. Time for me to improvise.

I ordered the veggie pile – veggies heaped on hash browns with eggs and cheese – without the eggs and cheese. Then I threw in a side of Field Roast sausage and salsa.





Needless to say, I was stuffed and happy. That Field Roast sausage is goooood. And the kind folks at Luna Park subbed the sausage and salsa for the eggs and cheese, so it didn’t cost me any extra! I thought that was so nice.

Finally, last night was one of those nights I had most components for a dish, but not everything. I was tired and hungry. It was 9 p.m., I had just gotten home from the gym and I hadn’t had a proper dinner. I just wanted something quick. But I didn’t have a can of tomato sauce or a can of black eyed peas or an hour of time – everything I paged through, I only missed one thing.

Then I remembered cheater Pad Thai. I almost always have shit to make cheater Pad Thai.

AND AND AND: I had extra spaghetti squash I needed to use up!

Boom. Add corn, peas and edamame from the freezer. Warm it up with spaghetti squash on stove. Toss in sauce.

It's gloppy because I like extra sauce. And yes I ate the whole thing. I earned it with squats!

It’s gloppy because I like extra sauce. And yes I ate the whole thing. I earned it with squats!

I’m catching on to this whole vegan thing, yo. I’m becoming pretty smooth.

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  1. Rikki
    Nov 29, 2014 @ 11:30:05

    Nice. The QFC in Everett has surprisingly decent grain salads in the deli case sometimes.


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