The no-new-grocery challenge

Budget- and mental health-wise, I hope the days are behind me of eating chips and leftover s’mores ingredients from an old camping trip for dinner.

But I’m still a writer trying to make rent in Seattle, where the cost of living and taxes are high (I love you so much Seattle, but you hurt me sometimes).

I got paid on Friday, but after going over my budget, I realized that I’d still have near-nothing left by the time my checks for rent, my CSA and a health insurance thing clear.

Not wanting to swim in more credit card debt (which is where I put my car repairs and birthday presents to loved ones), I challenged myself to not buy any more groceries until I get paid again June 13.

Now, I’m not going to live off crumbs. I went grocery shopping at least twice the previous week for my ladies’ dinner and to replenish my pantry, which I keep fairly abundant, if a little haphazardly stocked.

I had some leftovers, plenty of dry goods, frozen fruits and vegetables and even a several more boxes of silken tofu from the crate I bought at Costco last year. I had recently pressure cooked chickpeas and black beans and had stuff to make more peanut butter and tahini.

Also I have the delight of receiving my first farm bag this weekend from my CSA.

So I can survive.

But meanwhile, I’m not to buy a carrot, a mushroom, .50 worth of cumin (which I could so use right now!) or a cup of lentils.

Here’s now I’ve fared so far:

1) Leftover Indian food from my party for lunch and dinner Sunday

2) Leftover Thug Kitchen lentil gravy with newly-made Everyday Happy Herbivore drop biscuits for lunch Monday. Salad for an afternoon snack with Everyday Happy Herbivore goddess dressing.

3) Made Happy Herbivore Light and Lean chipotle chili for dinner last night, had leftovers for lunch today:


I bought the groceries for chipotle chili last week.

4) Breakfast has been either peanut butter or hummus and sriracha on two pieces of toast, but I have exciting plans for future breakfasts.

Let’s see how far my pantry takes me, yo. I keep my shit stocked for a reason.

And if I need to resort to chips, I have a stack of corn tortillas to make myself some healthy ones.

I’ll keep you apprised of my progress.

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