I made the most delicious vegan cake EVAR

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Though I was big into baking as a kid, in my adult life I’m way more of a cook than a baker. I think I’m too impatient for it. If I have to use a rolling pin or yeast, forget it.

But a recent foray into baking paid off big time.

My mom’s birthday was last week and I went home to Olympia last weekend to celebrate with her. Because I’m strapped for cash right now, Mom told me not to buy her a present, but I insisted on at least baking a cake. (My selfish motivation: I wanted to be able to eat her birthday cake with her, not eat a birthday apple while the rest of my family got to eat treats.)

When I saw a recipe for a raspberry chocolate cake with chocolate ganache-y frosting, it just screamed MOM’S BIRTHDAY CAKE.



When veggie options just aren’t happening

My parents have been so supportive of my new lifestyle decisions. They don’t question my choices, they try to cater to my preferences and even my mom has shown some interest in the new, awesome food I’m fixing.

That doesn’t mean, however, that my lifestyle fits in with what’s going on when I visit home.

This past weekend, I visited my family in Olympia. Downtown Olympia is a hippie haven and there are wonderful indie restaurants that are veggie-friendly. My family, however, lives closer to Lacey, which features much more corporate and less diverse fare.

This was the first weekend where it wasn’t just the vegetarian daughter going home, but the “No seriously I’m gonna be vegan now” daughter. More

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