Never again

My office went generally apecrap for the U.S.-Belgium World Cup game last week, complete with tacky decorations, pizza (my boss ordered me a cheese-free salad, lovely woman she is) and a slew of sugary, artificially-colored store-bought desserts.

I feel less bad about this photo being crappy.

I feel less bad about this photo being crappy.

These concoctions never really appealed to me. So much sugar, not very tasty and I typically felt like crap after eating them. But in these situations, though I was reasonably good at resisting such fare, I would often spring for a cookie or cupcake, just because they’re there. I’m a journalist – eating free food is a biological imperative. It might be all you eat that day.

But now I look at this stuff and it’s such an easy decision to lay off. It’s not like I’m dieting – I don’t tell myself “you can’t” or salivate while feeling deprived. Rather, it’s an automatic decision. Instead of thinking, “I can’t” eat that stuff, I just know that I don’t.

It’s a little empowering. A great excuse to eat better. There’s no wrestling with my nutritional conscience. Conventional baked confections? Not my style.

Previously in office food battles


I pretty much read food articles during my lunch break

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This dispatch from the California Dietetic Association conference may boil your blood.

Also: Cutting meat and dairy consumption in half could slash agricultural greenhouse gas emissions anywhere from 25 to 40 percent in Europe, a report says.

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Thoughts for today

Could veganism save the world?

I don’t watch Anthony Bourdain’s show, but I liked his thoughts on Mexican culture today

Sorry, I love Linda Richman.

Sorry, I love Linda Richman.

‘Whoever smelt it dealt it’

Real talk here.

Since going plant-based, I fart quite a bit more.

Come at me, bro.

This is common for vegans.

And apparently, as long as you’re not bloated and uncomfortable, it’s also a sign of good things.


So if people give you crap, just tell them they should start farting, too. It’s good for you.

This week in news of vegan interest

I know I’ve been an absentee blogger. I’ve had some awesome food going on, I’ve just been lazy. And some of the most exciting cooking I’ve been doing is recipe testing for a fellow Seattle vegan and I don’t want to blow her project. (Intrigue!)

I do have posts brewing in my head, though! Meanwhile, some interesting reads from the past week:

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Be well!

Update, 3/11/14: OK one more about the water resources dairy products require

The scale

I have a complicated relationship with my body image.

As a woman, I guess that comes with the territory. I’m not unique in that. But now I’m navigating how my veganism figures into my self-image.

I feel fantastic. Most food I eat now makes me feel good. I know I’m ethically doing a good thing for animals and the environment. I’m voting with my wallet. The food I eat now is more nutritionally nourishing.

I’m totally sold on the benefits of the plant-based diet that so many who inspired me have preached before.

But I can’t help being reminded that I don’t see a lot of benefits that are … visible. More

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