Holy shitballs, it’s spring!

The most recent Vegetarian Times had two spring-o-rific pasta dishes within its pages and you pretty much need to try them or spring hasn’t started yet.

Like, you haven’t had enough green in your life until you’ve made these.

First, I was super jazzed to bring leeks and broccolini into this spring pasta primavera. (I used broccolini instead of broccoli rabe because that’s what I could find.) (I also used whole wheat fusilli instead of farfalle for the same reason.)

Spring into my face.

Spring into my face.


Date night

A couple weeks ago, I treated my man friend to dinner in.

Enter: Spring rolls.

Over-achievement for two.

Over-achievement for two.

Dunk some rice paper in hot water and it’s DIY dinner.

Best part: Aside from marinating and baking tofu, there was no cooking involved (and it was mostly rather passive).

Man friend liked it.

H/T to the Thug Kitchen cookbook for the bomb tofu marinade and the peanut slaw I made on the side. I’ve been meaning to review that book for the longest time and now it’s no longer timely, but whatever, I have so many shitty cell phone photos of Thug dishes to show you someday.

Also whipped up the Happy Herbivore Abroad peanut satay sauce. It’s my go-to peanut sauce, forever and ever amen.

Yearning for yeast from Singapore

Remember nooch-converted boyfriend?

He misses his tortilla chips doused in nooch from his work trip on the sea near Singapore.

Please excuse our typos. Click to enlarge.


Today’s reading

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A takedown of one paleo’s misconceptions about veganism

Vegan icon T. Colin Campbell takes down a recent NY Times’ nutritional analysis (though the NY Times writer rightly points out that it’s hard to draw any kind of conclusion on the effect of any isolated part of one’s diet on one’s health)


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