‘Whoever smelt it dealt it’

Real talk here.

Since going plant-based, I fart quite a bit more.

Come at me, bro.

This is common for vegans.

And apparently, as long as you’re not bloated and uncomfortable, it’s also a sign of good things.


So if people give you crap, just tell them they should start farting, too. It’s good for you.

I need to try all of the places

My boss has kind of anointed me the unofficial food blogger at the Seattle P-I as of late, so of course I had to insert my own interests into my work.

A couple weeks ago I posted a Seattle guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants. It was fun. And actually attracted lots of traffic. I think it surpassed my superiors’ expectations. We veggies crave to know where to go!

Anyway, if you’re in the know, let me know what I’ve missed. For the sake of limiting the scope of the piece, I stuck to places that are veggie-only. There are infinitely more places that are veggie friendly, of course.

You’re a lucky vegan when …

… your parents visit and decide to bring you a salad, but when the salad they bought for you unexpectedly was covered in cheese, your dad picks out all the grated cheese for you.

My parents are your run-of-the mill omnivores, but they support me.

This week in news of vegan interest

I know I’ve been an absentee blogger. I’ve had some awesome food going on, I’ve just been lazy. And some of the most exciting cooking I’ve been doing is recipe testing for a fellow Seattle vegan and I don’t want to blow her project. (Intrigue!)

I do have posts brewing in my head, though! Meanwhile, some interesting reads from the past week:

Less meat = longer life?

Good news in food and health – ❤ Mark Bittman ❤

Future of meat: no meat

The badass Vegan RD debunks more vegan myths

Cows and REM will be linked in my mind henceforth

Big ag vs. animal welfare, round 934

Be well!

Update, 3/11/14: OK one more about the water resources dairy products require

Food rudeness

I’m a diplomat and a people-pleaser, so it’s not in my nature to assert my opinions unsolicited or rock the boat in any way.

Yet I also have a slight know-it-all streak and I get enthusiastic about things I learn, so I have to keep myself in check when people just don’t want to hear it.

I read this xoJane column today about “food rudeness”: when people decline food that is politely offered to them and qualify it with “carbs are evil”/”that is so fattening”/”x causes cancer,” etc.

It made me reflect on my food manners now that I’m a veggie hippie.

Your dietary choices are personal and you’re navigating what’s right for you. However, I think what vegans tend to believe — making choices that they feel are good for their health as well as good for animals and the planet as a whole — is that their lifestyle is good for society, too. I mean, yeah, I think I’m doing my itty bitty part to curb greenhouse gas emissions and support vegan foods, but I also know that I’m not going to convert anyone by qualifying my choices out loud to everybody. More


An unintended consequence of becoming vegan was learning that WINE isn’t all vegan. Not only can animal-derived ingredients be used in wine, but mainly what one has to look out for is animal products being used in the filtering process. And that’s not going on any ingredients list.

I tend to give whatever wine I’m drinking the benefit of the doubt, especially if it’s something being served somewhere I’m at or if it’s something a friend brought to my house. I haven’t been super diligent about looking those things up – mainly I’m looking for what’s on sale. More

The scale

I have a complicated relationship with my body image.

As a woman, I guess that comes with the territory. I’m not unique in that. But now I’m navigating how my veganism figures into my self-image.

I feel fantastic. Most food I eat now makes me feel good. I know I’m ethically doing a good thing for animals and the environment. I’m voting with my wallet. The food I eat now is more nutritionally nourishing.

I’m totally sold on the benefits of the plant-based diet that so many who inspired me have preached before.

But I can’t help being reminded that I don’t see a lot of benefits that are … visible. More

Breakfast: Still on the wagon!

Just chillin.

Just chillin.

Pictured is the tofu scramble I made Sunday night and brought to work for morning breakfast burrito assembly. I’ve been keeping it in the break room fridge.

Breakfast is still not a habit for me. While making my grocery shopping list, I had to remind myself that I needed a breakfast idea for the week and opened Isa Does It to the breakfast section. Since I loved the Happy Herbivore tofu scramble I made earlier in the month, I wanted to try Isa’s Mediterranean scramble. (I subbed in black beans for kalamatas, which I know isn’t Mediterranean, but olives are one of the few things I just can’t do.)

I brought the container and a new package of whole wheat tortillas to work. While assembling burritos in the break room yesterday morning, a co-worker observed me and said, “Now that’s a breakfast!”

I’m quite sure he didn’t know it was tofu when he added, “You’ve got the perfect protein, there.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, knowing he and I were talking about two different things.

Breakfast is making me so much less cranky in the mornings. It’s pretty great.

Next idea: tofu scramble freezer burritos.

Being a broke vegan

People think being vegan is expensive. It can be, but depending on your choices, it really doesn’t have to be.

I mean, the roots of my vegan journey stem partly from a need to stretch what few dollars I had, and nixing meat, eggs and milk from the grocery list helped (took awhile for me to forgo cheese).

Last month, I moved, which was expensive, and then there was Christmas. Then my car insurance leveled a financial blow for moving. (Thanks, btw.)

So I had a few weeks during which I had to skimp a little. Sadly the credit card was used more frequently than I’d prefer.

But food was never a huge stress. I just had to know what to make with cheaper ingredients.

So lemme talk a little bit about what I do to squeak by when The Man is after my meager stack of journalist cash.


Today’s lesson

Yes, it’s true, more farm cattle is worse for the for the environment than fewer farm cattle. A primer on methane.

My own note: Cows are lovely. Factory farms pumping out too many cows are not.

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