Veggie VIP: St. Dames

I don’t get to try out all of the veggie-focused restaurants I so want to visit, because 1.) money, and 2.) I am not drowning in companions dying to try a vegetarian or vegan restaurant with me. When I do go out, I’m usually veganizing menu items at an omni restaurant.

But yesterday morning, my lovely friend Amy was kind enough to want to try St. Dames with me for brunch.

It’s located in Columbia City, which is a Seattle neighborhood I never frequent, but I would totally travel to this place from my Ballard/Lower Queen Anne haunts again.

It’s completely vegetarian, with a multitude of vegan or veganizable dishes – they’re totally friendly to making dishes gluten-free, too.

I was so excited about my brunch, I forgot to take photos. Sorry about that. Google image “St. Dames Seattle” and you’ll see. More


Special guest! Lindsay Nixon and Happy Herbivore Light and Lean + new recipe


Lindsay Nixon and Happy Herbivore were truly my gateway into the plant-based world before I even knew I wanted in on the party.

It all started with a dinner of chickpea tacos and I was immediately impressed with how creative and delicious plant-based meals are. Following Happy Herbivore from then on educated me about this lifestyle and served as an inspiration until I finally gave in wholeheartedly.

As a daily visitor of the Happy Herbivore blog, an occasional meal plan customer and a frequent Happy Herbivore Abroad-inspired cook, I’m so honored to have Lindsay here on this page today to promote her new cookbook, Happy Herbivore Light and Lean, coming out Dec. 3. And I got to test out one of the new recipes! This book not only includes low-fat, low-calorie recipes, but includes workout tips to help us stay fit.

Those who know me know that I’m not a shill for just anything, but seriously. Follow Happy Herbivore and buy Lindsay’s books. Her recipes are consistently delicious, easy to fix and with not only veganism, but whole foods at heart.

I asked Lindsay to share a little bit about her new book and tips on going — and staying — plant-based. More

Veggie VIP: Bamboo Garden

Though it’s super easy to be plant-based in your own home, going out to eat can be less so. I mean, this is the country where the KFC double down is a thing.

Some plant-based folks just eschew going out to eat altogether, and certainly that’s the most economical route and the best way to control what you put in your body.

But to me, a community’s cuisine is reflective of its culture. My favorite part about traveling, or even enjoying a new home (I move a lot), is digging into the local cuisine. It’s a great way to bond with friends, try new things and yes, get out of your own kitchen for a bit.

Luckily my new home, Seattle, is quite vegan-friendly, whether a restaurant is exclusively vegetarian or just offers good options. And all my requests to veganize something (hold the cheese/egg) have been honored. I still don’t think enough places offer awesome veggie options other than a garden salad where you have to ask to leave off the cheese, but there are still some great joints out there that deserve recognition.

Today: Bamboo Garden in Lower Queen Anne

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