What I’ve been reading for the past, oh, month

In case you need more reasons to stop eating meat

WTF why the Field Roast hate, Canada?

’10 things I wish all Americans knew about the meat and dairy industries’

Is Thug Kitchen cultural appropriation? This writer says, ‘yes’

Moby with some great talking points on meat for the next time someone debates you

NY Times: Enforcing the legal rights of animals

The world’s first vegetarian city – is this the right approach?

’10 things that would fix the food system faster than GMO labeling’

Do herbies have to be perfect? (I’m so big on Lindsay Nixon’s positivity – it has made my herbie transition possible)

Awkward moments every vegetarian understands

For the next time someone asks you, ‘But where do you get your protein?’

Mark Bittman: Two rules for a good diet

This is gonna be a thing!

Profile of plant-based badass T. Colin Campbell


This week in news of vegan interest

I know I’ve been an absentee blogger. I’ve had some awesome food going on, I’ve just been lazy. And some of the most exciting cooking I’ve been doing is recipe testing for a fellow Seattle vegan and I don’t want to blow her project. (Intrigue!)

I do have posts brewing in my head, though! Meanwhile, some interesting reads from the past week:

Less meat = longer life?

Good news in food and health – ❤ Mark Bittman ❤

Future of meat: no meat

The badass Vegan RD debunks more vegan myths

Cows and REM will be linked in my mind henceforth

Big ag vs. animal welfare, round 934

Be well!

Update, 3/11/14: OK one more about the water resources dairy products require

FREE STUFF: Win a copy of Happy Herbivore Light and Lean

NOTE: This giveaway is closed to new entries. We have a winner. Thanks for your interest!

As one of the hosts of the Happy Herbivore Light and Lean book tour, I get to let one of you mooch some swag.

Damn straight.

BenBella Books wants one of my lucky readers to get their hands on this fantastic cook book.

Get this shit

Get this shit

I received it a little more than a week ago and my omnivore family let me go to town making Sunday football grub from the book, like the roasted chickpeas and sweet pea guacamole. We had banana chocolate chip scones before the game started. And I made my mom a pumpkin spice latte from the book. (Go Seahawks!)

Everything was demolished before I could snap crappy cell phone photos.

It also has trusty, handy recipes Lindsay Nixon tends to print in all of her cookbooks, like a version of nacho cheese, vegan sour cream, vegan mayo, gluten-free flour blend, and more.

When my BFF comes to visit me tomorrow, I plan to make the HHLL ruby chocolate muffins with her.


We’ve got another convert

This week’s reading:

The ’90s are vegan now.

So buying from this company when it gets to Seattle.


As if it wasn’t enough to get the Happy Herbivore on this humble little blog.

Last night I got to see Isa Chandra Moskowitz, modern vegan pioneer and creator of the Post Punk Kitchen, at Book Larder in Fremont.

I geeked out. Got there early, bought her new book, Isa Does It, pored over page after delicious page, and sat in the front row.

Swiftly demolished.

Swiftly demolished.

Well, I didn’t wanna be the only person hanging around an hour before the start of the event, so I made a quick stop at Uneeda Burger and got their homemade veggie burger topped with portobello mushrooms.

Then I went back to Book Larder and was still pretty early, so I made sure to snag a good seat before resuming my absorption in Isa Does It.

I love the other cookbook I have of hers, Vegan With a Vengeance. It has amazingly delicious recipes, including the chocolate cake I made for my mom.

But it’s not an attractive book inside. I want pictures with my recipes. There are hardly any pictures.


What I’m reading today

T. Colin Campbell is one of the badasses of the plant-based world. Today I came across a column he wrote dispelling the myth of humans’ need for animal-based protein.

Are you veg-curious and wonder how you’ll get the protein you need? Are you plant-based and tired of trying to defend your nutritional intake? Read this piece for some knowledge bombs you can drop on others and be assured that going plant-based is awesome.

Also from NPR, an article on the successes of the Meatless Monday campaign. This is how minds are changed.

Isa did it

I am so full right now. And happily so.

For lunch today I nommed this recipe for red lentil Thai chili from the Post Punk Kitchen site and it was wonderful.

This is where I can be snobby and braggy about badass dishes I make, because I figure if you’re here, you’re reasonably interested, and I don’t have to be one of those people who Instagram every meal they eat and spam it all over the internet. (I still don’t know how to use Instagram.)

Chili and curry are the two most comforting foods I can imagine and their powers combine here beautifully. I actually didn’t even realize the recipe called for kidney beans (thereby making it technically a chili, I guess) until I was in the middle of making it, but just added extra lentils for body and it was plenty hearty. And, importantly, easy! The hardest part was letting it boil for awhile when I wanted to pour everything into my belly.


Oh hey