No-new groceries check-in

I’m still three days away from pay day and I have bought zero new groceries, true to my goal.

Gotta say, I’m quite impressed with my own pantry-stocking skills. And the beginning of CSA season was admittedly a great help.

I cheated financially and went to dinner with a friend and got drinks with more friends last Friday night, but those were plans made before I knew I’d be strapped for cash. But because I’m using some creativity in the kitchen, I’ve still been spending very little.

Here are some highlights: More

Making it work

Traveling/being on the go/dining out with friends must be navigated more conscientiously as a veghead.

But I’ve come across some nice options and accommodations during my recent hectic few weeks.

First: Safeway is actually pretty all right.

I don’t often shop at Safeway anymore except for its gas station. I feel I find more options that fit my needs at local chain markets. But maybe I haven’t looked in the right places. More


After some tough weeks at work for the both of us, my boyfriend and I went to Portland for the weekend.

My main experience with Portland is my mom taking my brother and me to the Clackamas Mall (quite outside of Portland) for sales tax-free back-to-school shopping. Of course I’ve been to Portland proper, the metropolitan neighbor to the south, but I hadn’t explored it on my own.

Seattle is an easy city in which to be vegan, but in Portland they totally cater to you. I had a waiter volunteer to check on the veganness of a salad, went to places with special vegan menus and you can just say “make it vegan, please” and they know what to do (too many people don’t know what that means, so I always have to specify no mayo/sour cream/cheese/aioli, etc.). Portland is particularly vegan-savvy.

Now eating out with the man friend means seeking out omni restaurants that have something I can eat. Homeboy doesn’t quite get that it’s possible to have a meal without meat.

But it was so easy!

Oh and we drank lots of craft beer. So happy beer is vegan.

Not pictured: a grilled PB and J from the famous Bunk Sandwiches. Yeah I’m gonna make those at home now.

Recommended brewery: Pints.

Maybe next time I’ll go to Portland with girlfriends who will eat at the vegan joints with me.

FREE STUFF: Win a copy of Happy Herbivore Light and Lean

NOTE: This giveaway is closed to new entries. We have a winner. Thanks for your interest!

As one of the hosts of the Happy Herbivore Light and Lean book tour, I get to let one of you mooch some swag.

Damn straight.

BenBella Books wants one of my lucky readers to get their hands on this fantastic cook book.

Get this shit

Get this shit

I received it a little more than a week ago and my omnivore family let me go to town making Sunday football grub from the book, like the roasted chickpeas and sweet pea guacamole. We had banana chocolate chip scones before the game started. And I made my mom a pumpkin spice latte from the book. (Go Seahawks!)

Everything was demolished before I could snap crappy cell phone photos.

It also has trusty, handy recipes Lindsay Nixon tends to print in all of her cookbooks, like a version of nacho cheese, vegan sour cream, vegan mayo, gluten-free flour blend, and more.

When my BFF comes to visit me tomorrow, I plan to make the HHLL ruby chocolate muffins with her.



As if it wasn’t enough to get the Happy Herbivore on this humble little blog.

Last night I got to see Isa Chandra Moskowitz, modern vegan pioneer and creator of the Post Punk Kitchen, at Book Larder in Fremont.

I geeked out. Got there early, bought her new book, Isa Does It, pored over page after delicious page, and sat in the front row.

Swiftly demolished.

Swiftly demolished.

Well, I didn’t wanna be the only person hanging around an hour before the start of the event, so I made a quick stop at Uneeda Burger and got their homemade veggie burger topped with portobello mushrooms.

Then I went back to Book Larder and was still pretty early, so I made sure to snag a good seat before resuming my absorption in Isa Does It.

I love the other cookbook I have of hers, Vegan With a Vengeance. It has amazingly delicious recipes, including the chocolate cake I made for my mom.

But it’s not an attractive book inside. I want pictures with my recipes. There are hardly any pictures.


Special guest! Lindsay Nixon and Happy Herbivore Light and Lean + new recipe


Lindsay Nixon and Happy Herbivore were truly my gateway into the plant-based world before I even knew I wanted in on the party.

It all started with a dinner of chickpea tacos and I was immediately impressed with how creative and delicious plant-based meals are. Following Happy Herbivore from then on educated me about this lifestyle and served as an inspiration until I finally gave in wholeheartedly.

As a daily visitor of the Happy Herbivore blog, an occasional meal plan customer and a frequent Happy Herbivore Abroad-inspired cook, I’m so honored to have Lindsay here on this page today to promote her new cookbook, Happy Herbivore Light and Lean, coming out Dec. 3. And I got to test out one of the new recipes! This book not only includes low-fat, low-calorie recipes, but includes workout tips to help us stay fit.

Those who know me know that I’m not a shill for just anything, but seriously. Follow Happy Herbivore and buy Lindsay’s books. Her recipes are consistently delicious, easy to fix and with not only veganism, but whole foods at heart.

I asked Lindsay to share a little bit about her new book and tips on going — and staying — plant-based. More

Isa did it

I am so full right now. And happily so.

For lunch today I nommed this recipe for red lentil Thai chili from the Post Punk Kitchen site and it was wonderful.

This is where I can be snobby and braggy about badass dishes I make, because I figure if you’re here, you’re reasonably interested, and I don’t have to be one of those people who Instagram every meal they eat and spam it all over the internet. (I still don’t know how to use Instagram.)

Chili and curry are the two most comforting foods I can imagine and their powers combine here beautifully. I actually didn’t even realize the recipe called for kidney beans (thereby making it technically a chili, I guess) until I was in the middle of making it, but just added extra lentils for body and it was plenty hearty. And, importantly, easy! The hardest part was letting it boil for awhile when I wanted to pour everything into my belly.


Oh hey